MSD Capital utilizes a multi-disciplinary investment strategy focused on maximizing long-term capital appreciation by making investments across the globe in the debt and equity of public and private companies, real estate and other asset classes.*

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MSD Capital has several investment teams which focus on public, private and special situations debt and equity investments.

These teams make concentrated and opportunistic investments with a focus on mispriced opportunities based on a deep understanding of each investment’s earnings potential over time.

A core differentiating feature of each team is to use the flexible and longer term nature of its capital base to find investment opportunities which fewer competitors can feasibly pursue. They are not restricted by where an investment is in the capital structure, its geographic exposure, or how it is transacted (e.g. publicly traded or privately negotiated). Each team seeks out opportunities where it can:

Develop a deep understanding of the future cash flows

Understand and quantify the risks

Acquire at valuations below the intrinsic value; which we derive through our thorough investment process


The Partnership Investments Group invests in a select number of third-party funds for the benefit of Dell family charitable entities, including the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

The team applies a long-term, fundamentally-oriented view towards constructing and managing the portfolio which includes investments with a limited number of third-party managers.

Strategies that tend not to be a fit include: global macro, highly levered fixed-income arbitrage, CTAs or managed futures strategies as well as quantitative funds. Additionally, the team does not invest in new private equity, venture capital or real estate funds